• January 18, 2019

Car Crashes Through Two Highlands Ranch Homes

Highlands Ranch (January 16, 2019) - On Wednesday morning, startled neighbors reported the sounds of a car crashing into two homes in their Highland Ranch neighborhood. At 10:37 on Jan 16, the Douglas County Sheriff twitter feed reported on a crash that took place around 9:30 that morning. Patrol and fire responded to the scene to find a vehicle had crashed through parts of 2 different homes on Dunning Cir. in Highlands Ranch.

The vehicle was traveling Westbound on Grace Blvd when the driver appears to have attempted a left turn onto Fairview Pkwy. The car then left the ground and crashed completely through two walls of the garage of one home. It then continued on and proceeded to crash through one wall of a neighboring home’s garage.

Investigators are working to determine the cause of this unusual crash. It is unclear why the vehicle left the road, but speed may have been a factor. Witnesses say the car was traveling at an extremely high rate of speed. One neighbor believes the car had to have been high in the air to strike the house in the manner it did.

To the astonishment of those responding to the accident, the driver was the only person who sustained injuries. He was rushed to the hospital where he is recovering from severe injuries. Police hope to speak to the driver and learn more details about the crash.