• January 10, 2019

Woman Dies in Colorado Springs After Freak Accident, Pinned By Her Own Truck

Colorado Springs (January 3, 2019) - Last week, Colorado Springs Police reported the first traffic-related death of 2019. Around 12:30 pm on Thursday, police responded to a call in the 5700 block of N. Academy Blvd. Police and fire rescue arrived on the scene to find a woman pinned between her own truck and an unoccupied SUV. Apparently, the truck was not fully in park when the woman exited and then stepped in front of the vehicle. The truck rolled and she became pinned between her truck and the parked SUV.

Police and fire rescue crews were able to move one vehicle to assess injuries and examine the scene. Emergency personnel and witnesses worked together to help save the women, but in the end, she was crushed to death by her own truck. Investigators determined this to be a freak accident.

Last year Colorado Springs police reported a record number of vehicle-related deaths. 48 people died in vehicle crashes and crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

Our deepest condolences go out to the families of the victims of this horrible incident. If a family member would like the name of a person removed for any reason, please click the “Remove Post” link.